TVD launches new brands and web presence.

Posted by Andrew Thompson on June 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

Today it is with great pleasure that I announce one the most significant milestones in TVD’s history. The launch of two new brands and associated product sets, FreshRF, and MetTrigger.

TVD has grown through corporate acquisition, identifying market opportunities, listening to clients, and developing and enhancing our product sets. Under TVD our products were varied, covering a wide range of operational areas and industries. These include Utilities, Transport/Logistics, Government, and organisations seeking improved weather data for decision support.

Whilst they may have seemed diverse, they share a common theme and passion for Operational Intelligence and Management. We have always prided ourselves in our ability to add value by seeing through the client business issues, then pulling together often disparate operational data and technologies to improve decision making capability, drive performance, improve efficiency, and open new opportunities. Many of the resultant product sets have now matured to the point where they are best given their own air outside of the TVD brand.

Launching the product sets under new brands will enable a greater level of transparency and focus to be applied to their resourcing, market responsiveness, and growth. Resulting in an even higher level of service to the customers each serves and increased ROI for our customers.

You will see these changes reflected in updated websites and social media properties as well as new product releases over the next few months. A summary of the product sets and focus of each brand is given below and on the TVD website under partner products; maintains its focus on Utility products, including Avalanche (Outage Communications) and Katana (Works, Outage and Operations Management) suites. TVD will continue to incubate new products and business concepts. We have two exciting developments; one in the IoT space which has been subject to extensive field trials, and another that leverages our extensive knowledge of telecommunications/VOIP and SS7 signalling for call routing. We expect to announce both of these products for wider client trials later in 2016. All our AVL and simple job dispatch offerings for transport and logistics and road users over radio and cellular continue to be offered under the Dash brand. There are exciting development plans in line with a new website and refreshed SaaS product set. one of the two new brands focused on all our 2-way radio related technologies for MPT, P25, and DMR. FreshRF is a fresh face on tried and proven technology with exciting new products including; SmartBridge Dispatcher, SmartBridge Enterprise, and SmartBridge Mobile (due out in Q3 2016). MetTrigger unlocks the demand for better weather observation and forecast data and allow developers, corporate clients, and consumers the opportunity to enhance their decision making, the timing of product offerings, knowledge of how to change, or improve behavior based on higher quality commercially focused weather solutions. MetTrigger brand includes all of the weather related technologies and products including our cloud based TrueWeather platform, WeatherMaster, and Weather Widgets SDK. WeatherMaster is now available on the Google Playstore under the MetTrigger brand.

This is an extremely exciting and rewarding time for TVD, our new brands and our clients. As always we welcome feedback and I hope you will take the opportunity to look at the new websites and consider the various ways the product sets can help improve your business.

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