Katana is an ERP grade suite of tools for Utility Networks and Contractors to manage the operational aspects of running a network or performance based works contracts and field crews. Katana delivers significant cost savings through automated processing, integration of disparate data sources to improve operational decision making, and real-time reporting to ensure those ongoing decisions generate sustainable improvements.

Katana is a series of modules that leverages the utility’s existing infrastructure and investment in systems such as GIS, Asset Management, MDMS, and SCADA. Katana supports both integrated retailer-distribution models, and stand alone network owner/manager models such as found in deregulated markets.

For deregulated markets there is strong support for retailer interfaces, and reporting based on retailer “supply” and responsibility for every metered point. Katana is a straightforward install often using pre-defined data and workflow models for specific markets that reflect best practice and are known to work.

Katana employs TVD’s time proven implementation methodology ensuring an out of the box, low risk, fast install; Typically 60-90 days. Delivered as a low upfront cost and monthly license model, plus implementation services.


Integrate diverse information from across the network and facilitate quick and effective decision making about real-time issues, thereby optimizing resources and improving delivery of service to customers and stakeholders.

With it’s unique data driven connectivity model from Feeder to Meter, Katana automatically generates SAIDI, CAIDI, SAIFI calculations and reporting, retailer notifications, and key/sensitive client management information, including compliance reporting with simplified audit trails for internal and external audit. Improve the efficiency of work order generation and management of the field crews, or more effectively support a third party contractor’s field crew.