Avalanche OCP

A comprehensive outage communications platform for managing the avalanche of calls
and information requirements during a loss of supply.


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When the power goes out and everyone starts phoning in or wanting information, Avalanche makes Outage Communication simple, consistent, and fast to update. Avalanche is a cloud based communications suite for distributing planned and unplanned outage information to utility customers and stakeholders. It holds a single source of the truth about outage information and delivers that to customers and stakeholders through multiple channels, simultaneously and in real time, in a consistent format and with content that customers will be satisfied by. This allows you to provide a fast path for Emergency and critical customers or those with useful outage information, and get on with the job of getting the power back on. Avalanche Outage Communication Platform is designed specifically for utilities and has been refined and proven over many years and thousands of outages.

Avalanche is typically delivered as a turn-key, fixed price, 7 week implementation.


Avalanche substantially reduces the flow of calls resulting from a power outage and hence the associated costs. It takes an operator less than six mouse clicks in 30 seconds to create and update outage information across all channels including targeted audio messages for Callers, TXT, Email, Social Media, Mobile and browser based Apps, webpages, and more! They can then focus on getting power restored…

Manage and prioritise inbound calls

All calls answered within 2 rings, no busy tones, no overloaded call center lines, no disconnected callers, every call tracked. Cloud based call handling and delivery of region specific outage information ensures every caller gets relevant outage information to maximize call shedding but with simple call prioritizing to filter and manage remaining callers prior to reaching the call center. Most callers hang up with their outage query resolved while those with valuable new information are handed off to a priority queue.

Pro-active outage alerts to select customers

Pro-active outage notifications for Email, TXT/SMS, voice callout, and API interfaces to update major client intranets. Notifications are based on user defined and changeable templates and can direct customers to alternate channels to get outage information.

Updates your online channels

Simultaneously update all your online channels such as web pages, social media (Twitter, Facebook, RSS) and mobile apps with the same outage information, immediately. No need for human input, and error or time consuming chasing people to decide what to post. Outage Reporter is updated immediately also.

Integrates with SCADA

A secure simple direct feed of trips and closes from SCADA allows for even faster updating of outage information! A feeder breaker lock-out will result in an immediate update of outage information across all channels simultaneously, within seconds.


Avalanche consists of four core modules that are included in every installation. These are Messaging, Outage Oracle, Outage Reporter and Internet Faults and provide the cloud based communications platform and information channels. Customers may also opt to include SCADA Monitor to automate the connection between Avalanche and network breaker trips and Outage Indicators which provides real time displays of calls on a map. Implementation is typically turn-key, fixed price, on a 7 week install schedule.


A simple user interface that allows operators to quickly select the part of the network at fault and update Outage Oracle and other channels. Fast, Simple, and very effective.


Outage Oracle answers every outage call within 1-2 rings, delivers the outage messages and provides intelligent call routing for callers with valuable information or emergencies.


Smart phone app that allows customers to collect and report key information to their utility without having to phone in.


Provides a real time web application with the utility branding for customers and others to see both planned and unplanned outage information. Fully responsive for use on PC and Smartphones.


Direct feed from SCADA for breaker trips and auto-reclose. Allows for immediate updates of outage information, across all channels.


Visualization of where the problems are, on the utility GIS facility model, even before the caller hits the call center.

Please note: Not all modules are included with the basic Avalanche suite

Basic Avalanche suite
Optional modules

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