PARIS Dispatcher

A software based Dispatch Console solution that simplifies voice and data communications between dispatchers and the field.

  • Full integration of Voice communications, Messaging, and AVL.
  • Integrates 3rd party AVL and supports multiple radio technologies, simultaneously.
  • Simple to deploy, robust enterprise grade architecture and support.

PARIS is a voice and data communications solution designed specifically for radio users, with fully integrated AVL. In addition to voice communications, Status and SDM/EDM’s are also supported.

PARIS supports multiple radio technologies, and networks simultaneously, and transparently for Dispatchers.

  • MPT1327
  • P25
  • DMR
  • MotoTrbo (January 2013)

Paris Dispatcher has been designed from the outset as a centralized and integrated AVL, voice and data communications and welfare management solution.

The infrastructure and solution delivers the key benefit of assisting a small number of dispatchers and controllers track the locations of multiple vehicles in real time, and manage the voice, status and welfare operations associated with a large and disparate field force.

Paris Dispatcher is based on:

  • Many years of experience working with both users of radio technology and control centres responsible for the health and safety of workers.
  • The need to keep the control centre workloads level and avoid the exponential increase in workload which results from demand exceeding dispatcher capacity to deal with it.

The exceptional features of Paris Dispatcher provide a powerful set of tools for tracking vehicle locations and managing staff communications and welfare.

Welfare – Automated checking if staff having mandown and panic button functionality on the radio is great, PARIS Dispatcher actually allows you to integrate it into your SOP’s, simply and safely.

Just some of the standard features and benefits that make Paris Dispatcher so useful are:

  • Tried and Proven technology and solution
  • High performance AVL and Mapping
  • AVL Related Event Graphs, Speed graphs, and Vehicle tracks/history
  • Fast payback / ROI – typically 6-12 months or better in high volume environments
  • Easy configuration and setup
  • Includes full Welfare checking and management for Health and Safety compliance
  • Includes full CallBack functionality
  • Supports multiple network environments with automated radio switching.
  • Supports all MPT radio makes and models that support Status and SDM’s.
  • Provides a central Directory of Radio’s, vehicles, history and ability to quickly initiate calls.
  • Fits into an industry standard IT Infrastructure
  • Designed and optimized for Radio Networks
  • Windows UI consistent with other Microsoft applications
  • Simplifies communications between multiple dispatchers and field staff
  • Reduces Voice communications by using Status and SDM messaging
  • Extremely flexible use of Status messages to automate operations management process’.
  • Audit Trail of communications.
  • Integrates the communications history from multiple Dispatchers.
  • Integrated Status messaging direct from Dash in-vehicle and in-radio VDL units.
  • Manages the inbound and outbound interfleet calling and ANI issues for multiple fleets.

Bring your own AVL!

Even if you have a cellular based AVL solution, you can feed that data in real-time into PARIS.
You can even run multiple AVL feeds simultaneously into PARIS so you have a complete picture of where everyone is, and how to contact them. So if some of your vehicles are on cellular AVL, but others are on radio based GPS tracking for personal tracking (eg Hytera PD78X), that can all be fed into PARIS so you know where they are, how to contact them, irrespective of the technology mix.

Migration from Analog (MPT1327) to DMR.

PARIS supports both MPT1327 and DMR simultaneously. This means dispatchers don’t need to remember who is using what radio, they just double click, and PARIS works out which network and connects the call.