CSC for Network

Whether it’s Switching,Outage Management, Work Orders to the Field, Scheduling Resources, Managing internal and external SLA’s, Interfacing with Retailer or Contractor systems, or having to prove the rate case through deeply audited transactions, CSC-Network supports it .

  • Real-time electrical connectivity, from the Grid Exit point to the meter.
  • Leverages investment in SCADA, GIS, CIS, Asset Management.
  • Lowers cost, improves responsiveness and reporting, increases safety.

CSC was originally developed for Distribution companies operating in a vertically integrated environment with Call Center, Network Operations, and Field Dispatch.

CSC evolved with deregulation and separation of Retail, Distribution and Contracting businesses and the need for real-time information exchange.

CSC is configured for Network companies seeking to improve their Outage management process, switch planning, or just works management and jobs to the field and fast updates back.

As such any or all of the CSC modules listed above can be deployed.