CSC for Contractors

Every time you have to touch a work Order or Service request it eats into profits, adds risk, and delays work being completed and billed. As your customers margins shrink they will be demanding higher levels of service at lower costs. Now you can secure work, with increased  surety of margin through your own operational efficiencies.  

  • Faster turn-around from Job Request to completion.
  • Provides competitive advantage to you.
  • Full electronic work order and scheduling system between office and the field.

Whether you have an ever-green, fixed term, or Time and Materials contract, or even if you are sub-contracting out the work you have, CSC-Dispatch allows you to minimise the paperwork, provide a full audit trail to prove work claims, and simplifies the path from Work instruction, to getting paid.

Because CSC allows you to speak the language of your customers (Retailers and Networks) it provides a crucial point of difference in getting the work in the first place.

We understand that you are at the sharp end of the service chain, so it’s critical you get the information to do your job quickly and efficiently, and just by doing what you do best automatically provide the job status and delivery updates that your customers need.

•    CSC-Dispatch – Core application modules configured for Contractor specific requirements.
•    Scheduling – Schedule work, rosters and resource availability
•    Mapping – Display service requests, work orders, AVL and crew locations.
•    Dashboard – At a glance see how much work has been done, what crews are available, what the backlog of work is, work rates.
•    Works Manager – Manage the receipt of work requests, creation of Work orders, assignment to crews and automated rules based allocation of work.
•    Alarms & Alerts – To ensure you are aware of pending issues, not having to scramble to deal with them after they happen!
•    InField and Wireless data – Send jobs to the field, get updates back, ensure communications of what needs to be done and when are clear and concise.
•    Integration – via web portals and/or webserices to speed up data exchange and validate data without intervention from your staff.

Other modules can be configured dependent upon the level of data access you have from the networks e.g. Connectivity Model, or willingness for process improvement, e.g. automated scheduling.