Customer Support Center (“CSC”)

A highly configurable and modular Operations, Outage and Works Management solution that pulls together all the day-day operational aspects of running a Network, Retailer, or Contracting business.

  • A true Operations Management focussed solution.
  • Leverages GIS, SCADA, Asset Management and CIS, but isn’t reliant on them.
  • Full support for vertically integrated or fully disaggregated/deregulated business models.

CSC pulls together diverse information within a Utility and facilitates effective, fast decisions to be made about real-time issues, optimization of resources, and efficient delivery of service to customers and stakeholders.

  1. Switch planning, authorisation workflow, and
  2. Outage Management including Outage
  3. Retailer/Market integration for deregulated markets
  4. Works management
  5. Work and Crew Scheduling
  6. Wireless Job Dispatch
  7. Customer and Contractor web portal to create Service requests, view Work orders, update information, see a list of meters affected by outages.
  8. GIS and Asset management integration
  9. CIS and National or Local Electricity Market integration
  10. CO, PABX/ACD data capture for call record processing.
  11. Smart meter and Smart-Grid integration for Outage indication, Load analysis and individual meter and aggregated meter profiling.

Better visibility, simpler transactions, lower costs, happier customers.

We have been using TVD’s CSC and InField products, for 5 years, processing over 200,000 jobs a year, and have not lost a single man-day of work from the system being down. David Eyles, Aurora Energy.

CSC is modular. It can be configured as an “all bells and whistles” fully integrated Network Operations Management System incorporating Retailer and customer portals, Switch Planning, Real-time network status and switching, Mapping and GIS integration and Job dispatch, or as a pure Dispatch solution with just Works Manager, Scheduling, Mapping, and InField, or in a deregulated market as a Retailer/Market interface.

Everyone likes to do their job well and efficiently. CSC lets you. By presenting the same data but in a way that allows you to do your job as efficiently as you can.

CSC pulls together all of the data you need to do your job and understand the status of the network, Jobs, Schedules, and Resources available to do that work.

Visibility and clarity allows better decisions and enhances the decision support processes within CSC.

CSC allows different people to view the same data different ways. Some people like Spatial views, some people like Schematic diagrams, Some people like hierarchical trees, some people like lists and graphs. The key is that they are all looking at the same data and so decision making is consistent, structured, and auditable.

Get more done, in less time; Done once, done right.