Outage Reporter

Finally a solution for people calling the faults number from a cellphone! Takes Outage Reporting to the next level. No calls, All information.

  • Reduce inbound call costs.
  • Deliver Outage information faster, cheaper.
  • Get accurate Address and Cause information, without the call.

Turning the problem of people reporting outages on cellphones into the best thing since
TVD’s ongoing commitment to innovation and leveraging our knowledge of the ensuring our clients are always able to access the latest communications mediums we have created a unique smartphone based application and server side technology to capture Outage reports initiated by customers from their phones,
Avalanche Outage Reporter allows customers to report problems with their power supply. It collects all the key information that Utilities need without having to phone in, negotiate through an IVR, wait in a queue, have your “account number ready”.

It allows Utilities to receive power outage notifications from their customers within seconds and help build a picture of the areas affected by the loss of supply.

In addition consumers who are serviced by a Utility that has Avalanche Trouble Call Management can instantly see the status of supply at those saved locations.

Try it now, it’s free!

TVD Avalanche Outage Reporter mini-site: www.outagereporter.net
Smartphone application for reporting and viewing outages: m.outagereporter.net