Outage Communication – Avalanche Suite

Multi-Channel Outage Communications Platform. Same input, less calls, more information.

When the power goes out and everyone is calling in Avalanche modules allow you to deliver accurate, concise and professional messages to callers, and deliver outage information via multiple channels, simply and automatically.

  • Less calls
  • More Information
  • Improved customer service, right when it counts.

Avalanche (Trouble Call Management and DR-DSM) is a suite of products designed to support Utilities manage their inbound and outbound communications during an Outage or implementing SOP’s for Demand Response or Demand Side Management.

The Outage Communications issues that Avalanche modules address and solve have evolved as  communications and customer expectations have shifted from Fax, to email, to SMS, to Social Media. The critical thing is making sure that you can deliver excellent customer service to your customers, and clear the path so you can identify the cause of the outage, fix it, and satisfy the customers expectations, by whatever medium the customers want.

Avalanche allows you to deal with the Avalanche of calls that result from a loss of supply, and the high demand for updated information on when the power will be back on.

We’ve been doing this for awhile now and have a very slick and well defined implementation process. Typically it takes less than 8 weeks to have Avalanche up and running. A quick win for you, and a fast start to ROI.

  1. Reduced call center costs – We typically see a further reduction of about 80% of calls presented to agents. This can save thousands of dollars per year.
  2. Reduced SAIDI & CAIDI Numbers – The ability to get those callers with specific fault information to an agent faster which means crews can be dispatched faster resulting in reduced SAIDI & CAIDI numbers.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction – By better managing the customers and reducing the volume to the agents call queue wait times will reduce and customer satisfaction will increase.
  4. Safety – By being able to route emergency callers to an agent faster you can deal with issues that can endanger life or property, eg live lines down, faster and so ensure a safer environment for consumers.
  5. Real-Time Reporting – Avalanche modules provide exceptional real-time and historic reporting from a System or Regional level of call volumes right down to individual actions by a caller. Reporting is both real-time and historic and is displayed in user selectable and meaningful pie, line, or bar charts or maps.

The results are happier customers, a more professional image during a high stress time, simplified Dispatcher and Control Room procedures, and the ability to focus on actually getting the power back on.

Call us now for a demo or just to chat about your issues. With over 10 years of experience in regulated, de-regulated, Co-op, Municipal, IOU’s, we’ll not only know just what sort of pressure you are under, but we will have a safe and reliable solution! You’ll be surprised at how quickly Avalanche is setup and running!