TVD Product Solutions

TVD solutions are focussed on simplifying and making real-world day-day operational process’ easier, more efficient and lower cost. Period.

TVD solutions are innovative, tried and proven real-world Operations Management Solutions that let you deliver Operational Excellence.

  • Measurement
  • Management
  • Improvement

TVD’s core products cover a variety of operational environments for our customers. They share a common architecture and need for 100% up-time and provide mission critical information and control.

You can’t manage something efficiently without being able to measure it. All our products reflect the skills and abilities of TVD in the area of Operations Management and our drive for increasing efficiency of operations with resultant cost savings, and productivity gains.

All our products are Windows-based, focused on configuration rather than customization, fast to implement, and many are now into their fifth and sixth generation of development.

The following provides a brief overview of our key operations and management product sets incorporating our operations management, embedded hardware, and wireless data and 3rd party hardware interface technologies:

Trouble Call and Outage Communications Management

TVD Avalanche® Suite – Comprises five modules that are used by utilities to manage the ‘Avalanche’ of calls that result from power outages.  Avalanche also manages outbound communications with key customers, media, crews, and management via Fax, Email, pager, SMS, IM, voice Callout and a comprehensive web based client self management and notification portal.

Outage, Operations, and Work Management

TVD Customer Support Center (CSC) Suite – Comprises a set of modules used by utilities and their outsource partners to manage overall utility operations.  Functions include: Outage Management, Work Management, Retailer and Contractor integration, SCADA and GIS data interfaces, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Vehicle/Crew routing, Work & Network optimisation algorithms, Wireless Data exchange and general Operations Management and Reporting.

CSC can easily be configured to support other environments such as fibre, cable, and Water or Gas. All within the same system.

Enterprise grade SaaS AVL and Dispatch

TVD DASH – Dash is a web or enterprise based Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system used by a wide variety of transport, logistics, maintenance, and sea going vessels. This system provides complete vehicle tracking, geo-fencing/Zones, alarm based events, and full mapping and detailed reporting on vehicle position history and actions. Our embedded hardware is used extensively by Dash customers to interface GPS, and on vehicle equipment. Dash is provided as both a subscription ASP model and also as a client premise in-house solution.

Radio Network Communications and AVL

TVD PARIS – PARIS is a voice and data communications solution designed specifically for radio users, with fully integrated AVL. In addition to voice communications, Status and SDM/EDM’s are also supported and a host of other features such as automated welfare management, “click to call”. In-Vehicle the PARIS T1010 unit connects to the radio and allows users to have a user friendly radio interface with address book and other functions. T1010 includes navigation and GPS/AVL functionality.